Web page has caclulators for different Badboy/Downboy Computations version 2

The following Calculator computes the current sense resistors used in the
Badboy, Downboy, Wizard converter boards. The two resistors
here will be called r1 and r2 but on the board could be labeled differently ie R2, R2A.
Legal values are between 0 and 1.5. (0.5 is 500mA)
Desired Current (in Amps):

Compute the parallel resistance of r1, r2. choose one or two resistor values.

Compute the battery run time for Downboy or Badboy converter board. Enter the values needed.
The formula used is (Vin * Iin)/ (1.2 * (Vled * Iled) )
Where 1.2 factors in 80% efficiency of the converter board.
Desired LED Current (in Amps):
LED Vf Voltage (in Volts):
Battery Input Voltage (in Volts):
Battery Amp/Hr capacity (in Amps):
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